A couple people have asked me recently: Is the "BUMC blog" you talk about just for people who attend your church? And what kind of stuff is on the blog?

Glad you asked! The blog is a ministry of Belmont UMC, open to anyone who wants to visit, read, and interact. Most of the postings are devotional in nature, reflections on the intersection of Scripture and "real life."

Other times there are reports from special ministries, like from the team that just went to Belize--real people, reflecting on their real walk with Jesus in the real world! 

Sometimes there are musings about recent sermons.

We usually make a regular posting near the end of each week, but if we have special pieces from guest bloggers, the posts may be more frequent. So, there you have it--all you ever wanted to know about the BUMC blog.

Musicians Needed at Belmont UMC

Belmont United Methodist Church is looking for musicians who love the Lord and want to serve in worship on Sunday mornings.

We are in need of someone to play the organ for the choir and congregation in the traditional service and to play the keyboard for the contemporary service.  This is a part-time paid, position.  Please access the specific job description and the application form.

In addition we are looking for volunteer musicians who play guitar or drums for the contemporary service.

For further inquiry, please contact Rev. Randy Coleman or Topher Crosby, music director at 937.254.1788.