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Traditional Service at 8:30 a.m.  
Sunday School for all ages 9:45 a.m.  
Contemporary Service 11:00 a.m.
Communion Service both Services
First Sunday of each Month.
Belmont United
Methodist Church
Dr. Randy Coleman, Lead Pastor
April Message from Pastor Randy:

As we begin the month of April, we are nearing the high
point of the Christian calendar faith.  

Holy Week is nearly upon us.  It will soon be time to
shout Hosannas to the king who comes humbly riding
into Jerusalem on a donkey.  It will be time to remember
his Last Supper with his disciples and the horrible

Then it will be time to sing the songs of Easter,
celebrating our risen Lord and the empty tomb.  

We will do that with all joy and praise.
             “What and Why We Believe”
                      A Sermon Series

   Has anyone ever asked you what you believe about
your faith and you found yourself stumbling over your
words, trying desperately to explain even the bare
basics of what you believe?  

   Yes, most all of us have found ourselves in that
predicament from time to time.   And then of course,
they want to know why we believe the way we do.  Now
we are really tongue tied.   And then we add to the mix
our own questions rattling around in the back of our

   We ask, “Who is God really and how is he Father,
Son, and Spirit?  Who am I in relation to God?  And how
does the church fit into all of this?  

   These are questions and issues that we will treat in
our next sermon series during this season of Easter
from April 27-June 1.

   Come to each service in this series and bring a friend
with you as we explore the basic beliefs of what we
believe and why.
"The One you seek is not here"