Adult Sunday School

The Homebuilders Sunday School Class

We began as young marrieds starting their homes and beginning their families. Our children are now grown with children of their own (of course our pride and joys!) and we are all now part of the "Senior" community. Our class enjoys both couples and singles. We are a self-taught class that holds "life-enrichment" discussions. We many Sundays enjoy a video to start our discussions.  Grap cup of coffee, a cookie in the Parlor and join us in the office.  Our permanent Christmas tree is on display in the Garden Entrance.

Trinity Bible Class

Comprised of individuals from all ages (40-80) coming from different religious, professional and personal backgrounds. We are a Bible study class. We are currently Studying the Romans.  We are located in the lower Level, far northwest corner near the Belaire entrance.  We are hard to find but worth the extra walk!

Exploring the Bible in an informal environment where freedom to discuss and to share opinions are encouraged. Lively, humor, respect, and passion best describe our discussions as we examine and study God's word. We are interested in Biblical details therefore different Bible translations and electronic editions are used as we study; Interactive teaching models are used.  We support programs around the church. Our discussions leads us to "how do we link God's word to our lives".

Bridge Builders

Bridge Builders class is a multi-generational group (30’s and up), and we principally study the Bible, as well as biblical history, to understand God’s wishes for us as we attempt to make and grow disciples of Jesus Christ, for the transformation of our community and beyond.  Lots of good discussion, in a safe place.

Treasure Seekers

"The 'Treasure Seekers' Sunday School class is a Bible study class.  We have lively discussions.  If you're not already in a class on Sunday morning, come and join us in the ESL room at the foot of the basement stairs!" On June 17, the Treasure Seekers  Sunday  School class will begin a study of Micah. If you're not already in a class, come and join us! First room at the bottom of the basement stairs. Facilitator: Rachel Coleman.